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Maxam™ Digital Camo Extra-Long 1-Person Tent Maxam™ Digital Camo 2-Person Tent
Our Price: $59.95
Our Price: $68.95
Maxamâ„¢ Digital Camo Extra-Long 1-Person Tent Maxamâ„¢ Digital Camo 2-Person Tent
Features polyurethane coating, fiberglass poles, waterproof, water-resistant, zippered fine mesh door, metal connectors, metal tent stakes, detachable rain fly, and drawstring carrying bag. Measures 35" wide, 87" long, and 33-1/2" center height.

  • Polyurethane Coating
  • Fiberglass Poles
  • Waterproof
  • Water-Resistant
  • Zippered Fine Mesh Door
  • Metal Connectors
  • Metal Tent Stakes
  • Detachable Rain Fly
  • Drawstring Carrying Bag
  • Measures 35" X 87" X 33-1/2"
A quality tent is an essential component of any good campout. This compactly stored tent expands to a spacious, sturdy sleeping area for 2. The durable polyester construction keeps out the elements so you are comfortably sheltered. Features fiberglass poles, 8 stakes, 4 nylon tie-downs and drawstring storage bag. Measures 78-3/4" x 47-1/4" x 39-3/8".

  • Polyester Construction & Fiberglass Poles
  • 8 Stakes & 4 Nylon Tie-Downs
  • Drawstring Storage Bag
  • Measures 78-3/4" X 47-1/4" X 39-3/8"
Classic Safari™ Lightweight Fishing/Sporting Vest Classic Safari™ 1-Man Portable Camo Hunting Blind
Our Price: $64.95
Our Price: $166.95
Classic Safariâ„¢ Lightweight Fishing/Sporting Vest Classic Safariâ„¢ 1-Man Portable Camo Hunting Blind
Features multiple pockets varying in size (5 with zippered closures), self-fixing large nylon front zipper, breathable mesh back with 1 large pocket, lined mesh front, and 35% cotton/65% polyester construction.

  • Multiple Pockets Varying In Size (5 With Zippered Closures)
  • Self-Fixing Large Nylon Front Zipper
  • Breathable Mesh Back With 1 Large Pocket
  • Lined Mesh Front
  • 35% Cotton/65% Polyester Construction
Features weather-resistant 190T taffeta material, 4 zippered windows for 360° viewing, black interior coating to hide movement, and durable fiberglass frame. Measures 53" x 84" x 53".

  • Weather-Resistant 190T Taffeta Material
  • 4 Zippered Windows For 360° Viewing
  • Black Interior Coating To Hide Movement
  • Durable Fiberglass Frame
  • Measures 53" X 84" X 53"
Flex Fillet 5pc Fishing Cutlery Set Magnacraft® 8x21 Golf Scope
Our Price: $38.95
Our Price: $35.95
Flex Fillet 5pc Fishing Cutlery Set Magnacraft® 8x21 Golf Scope
Includes 13" fishing knife, 11" fishing knife, 10" fishing knife, sharpening steel, cutting board, and blow-molded case. Knives and sharpening steel feature Leymar™ handles. Limited lifetime warranty. White box.
  • 13" Fishing Knife
  • 11" Fishing Knife
  • 10" Fishing Knife
  • Sharpening Steel
  • Cutting Board
  • Blow-Molded Case
  • Leymar™ Handles
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Features measurements in yards or meters, lens cloth, and carrying case with strap. Barrel measures 3-1/2". Limited 10 year warranty. Gift boxed.

  • Measurements In Yards Or Meters
  • Lens Cloth
  • Carrying Case
  • Strap
  • Measures 3-1/2"
  • Limited 10 Year Warranty